Dry Fogging Decontamination

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A simple process, for comprehensive daily decontamination providing safety and confidence to staff, customers, pupils etc.


Training on use. Safety Data sheets provided below


No bleaching agents involved


Kills pathogens quickly with an unrivalled kill rate.

“...the gold standard by which all antiviral, antibacterial and sporicidal agents must now be compared.”

Dr. Joe Selkon, MBChB, FRCPath, DCP. Formerly Consultant Microbiologist, Oxford University John Radcliffe Hospital 10th March 2010

Clinical Effectiveness of using HOCl and Fogging

A recent review of using hypochlorous acid (HOCl) as a disinfectant has recently been carried out and concluded that ‘this material can be used with high predictability for disinfecting against the Covid-19 virus’ (Block & Rowan, 2020). The review states that along with adequate PPE, social distancing techniques and handwashing, HOCl is a disinfectant which can reduce transmission in the surgical setting (Block & Rowan, 2020).

Benefits of the System

Nozzle Design

The adjustable spray with air-tight, non-corrosive and leak-proof high-quality O-rings is perfect for misting

Adjustable Spray

Sprayer flow rate can be adjusted and the valve adjusted up and down for convenience

Variable Angle

Angle can be adjusted by up to 60 degrees with a horizontal and oblique jet

4.5l Tank Capacity

The Fogger has a 4.5l tank capacity

Innovation that makes Delivering Hand Sanitiser Simple and Cost Effective.

Our electronic contactless dispensing solution is intuitive and represents the ultimate in user safety, preventing any danger of cross contamination. It is also easy to use for the disabled and the aged.

All of our products have been designed with a “lean” operating mindset that ensures a rapid Return On Investment for our customers. They save you money by optimising the amount of sanitiser used and minimising the labour hours needed to manage the dispensing of sanitiser through our bulk fill design approach.

Our precisely controlled electron dosage is set at 0.75ml to not only to be economical in terms of optimal usage of the sanitiser but also ensure good hand coverage.

This also minimises waste and mess to clean up though user spills.
The stainless-steel construction along with stylish and ergonomic design mean that our products are suitable for many commercial environments. Custom or branded signage is available on request.


Fogging Solution

Safety Data Sheet

Daily Surface Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet

Hand Sanitiser

Safety Data Sheet

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